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Nauset Technologies

A premier software development company providing web solutions to government and industry since 2001

About us


Providing a helping hand to customers, employees, friends and family, and to those we do not know, is one of the foundations of Nauset Technologies. We give to charitable foundations and organizations, and encourage all to do the same. Charity is strength. Giving to others is inherent in the human condition.


Our company philosophy is to provide a passion for excellence and quality to all work that we do. What promotes excellence and quality? Our answer: An honest dedication to customers, their interests, and their goals, to best identify their needs and deliver the best solution. We firmly believe that each customer deserves respect and attention, regardless of size or budget.


We encourage time off from work for our employees; a dedication to pursuits of the mind and body outside of the rigors of 9-5/365. Whether participating in training to be a Sherpa, attempting cross-channel swimming, alkali flat competitive racing, or trekking to the poles, our team mixes work with play to ensure a healthy life balance.

We love what we do. Information Technology is a fascinating discipline, rapidly evolving, and as varied as the needs of each of our customers. We love to teach, mentor, and learn. We gather no moss; the journey of IT never ends. Let us be your guide.


Custom Web Services

Custom web and mobile applications, SharePoint, dashboards, streaming visual presentation, and data analysis

Cloud Services

Cloud-based secure system development; Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud to provide secure, reliable, cost-effective solutions

Data Services

Analytics, data mining and aggregation, reporting, dashboards, and database development expertise

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Long-term Relationships

At Nauset Technologies, developing long-term relationships with our clients is our goal. We work with select clients for years or decades.

We work to develop trust with our clients and assist in the decision making process for long lasting and cost-effective technology solutions.

It would be our privilege to work with you!

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