• You have a web site for your company. But how do you use the Internet to your advantage? We can develop a full range of data driven web-based solutions for your business, including:

    • Data Entry / Reporting
    • Web Services
    • eCommerce
    • Remote Office Integration
    • Mobile / PDA
    • Graphics / Web Design
    • Flash, Shockwave, Applets



  • database

    Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, Informix, Sybase; we know them all. We are database architects and can recommend the best database solution that meets your security, performance, and budgetary needs. The most important resource in any business is how data is protected.


Microsoft Windows is the bedrock for most businesses. Over 90% of business has computers running a Microsoft operating system.

Take advantage of the tremendous power and rich user interface of a custom Windows application. We can provide any type of Windows application you need, including:


    • Data Entry / Reporting
    • Office Integration
    • Messaging Client Integration
    • Legacy System Integration



iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone devices are requirements for business; whether on a tablet, on a phone, or on custom hardware devices, they all are a common accessory that can not only manage phone, email and messaging, but can more importantly be used to serve serious business purposes. Turn your ideas into practical solutions:

    • iPhone Apps
    • Remote Data Entry Miniapps
    • Administration Applications
    • Notification Services
    • Games and Entertainment
    Our capabilities are limited only by your imagination for what projects you want to undertake. We have the experience and creativity to bring your ideas to fruition.